Celebrating the Victories

My awesome and amazing sister-in-law recently told me about a philosophy she follows that I immediately wanted to share. It is the concept of little victories. Of breaking down each day into pieces, finding the positives within those moments and holding on to them so that, overall, your day feels more like a win. These tiny wins could be anything: eating whole grain toast for breakfast instead of a donut, hearing your favorite song on the radio out of the blue, smiling and saying hello to a stranger, drinking a big glass of water instead of a soda or fitting in a 15 minute workout during an otherwise busy day. These many small wins help to offset the tough stuff and make the harder times a bit more bearable.

Our minds enjoy being dramatic. They love to find that one thing to latch on to that will consume all of our energy and completely change the tide of our day. If that thing happens to be good, then most likely your day will end up being fantastic (aren’t those days awesome?). But most of the time it isn’t something that is good. We obsess about it, let it rule our thoughts and cloud our day. Our dwelling on it starts to impact how we8c9b720fadc449a09a00d3553380fcb3 perceive the rest of our day. We are more likely to find what we don’t like in a situation or hone in on some negative feeling we have about ourselves. Once this thought pattern grabs hold, we tend to give up and let the cloudiness rule the rest of our day. Sounds like something that has happened to you?

This idea of tiny victories is a way to combat the cloud. Next time something not so good happens, try to switch your pattern of thinking and focus on something positive that happened during your day. This will knock your negative thinking pattern off track. Continually think back to these tiny wins and, with practice, they may start to pop up in your mind without you even consciously thinking about them. You will start to see the tiny wins in every aspect of your day. Celebrate those and let them propel you towards your goals and dreams. One baby, tiny win at a time.

And when you achieve a big goal, celebrate the hec out of that too 😉

I had a big win this week. For the past few years I have dreamed of owning my own business, taking what I have learned about health and nutrition and sharing it with others, maybe someday incorporating my love for yoga as well. But I was scared. I had never created a business before. What if it failed? What if no one wanted to work with me? Those thoughts swirled around in my head, trying to beat me down. But slowly, through encouragement from those I love, I gained courage. To take a chance and dive into the unknown, knowing that maybe, just maybe, it will lead me to ex8ab894d724757a5509e9f093fa8516a1actly where I want to go. How would I know if I never tried? So tried I did. And from that effort was born my dream.

I am so happy to officially announce the name of my burgeoning holistic health coaching business, Wholesome Balanced Wellness with Anna L. Young. This business was born from my passion for nutrition and health. It has grown from an idea, a hope that I could take what I have learned throughout my life and as a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to a full-blown reality. And I could not be more ecstatic. You seriously may find me on the street jumping for joy with a huge grin on my face. This is a new journey for me, which is scary. But it is also exciting. I cannot wait to get started.

Wholesome balanced wellness is all about finding what feeds your soul and nourishes your heart. Whether that is food, relationships, career, exercise, spirituality, sleep, you name it. It’s about discovering what in life makes you feel your best, full of energy and on top of your game. Finding your ideal state of balance with everything that is important in your life. Feeling naturally more positive, confident and content. I like to call the achievement of this state “finding your flow”. And, of course, it is about seeing those tiny wins in your daily life and building upon them to achieve larger goals and dreams.

My website is still a work-in-progress so in the meantime, you can follow me here, on Twitter @ youngn219, on Instagram @ youngn219 and on Facebook at Wholesome Balanced Wellness with Anna L. Young.

Peace, love and veggies,

The Yogi~Foodie

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