Having a Little Faith

Has something happened in your life recently that has tested your faith or made you doubt a core feeling or belief that you have?

I’m right there with you.  It happens to the best of us.

Faith can have a different meaning for each and every one of us.  To some, faith is a formal religion.  To others it is just a steadfast belief that the Universe is guiding our lives in the direction it is meant to go.  To others it is something else entirely.  We all have faith in our lives, even if it is just faith that you will get through the day on your own two feet.

I had a completely different blog post in mind for this week but something happened to me recently that shook my faith and took me some time to recover.  I do not consider myself a particularly religious person in the conventional sense of the word, but I do believe that we are all put here on this Earth for a specific reason and that discovering the truth behind this reason and living this truth will bring us a life that is fulfilling to both the mind and spirit. 

I believe that I have finally discovered that truth, or a version of it.  It took me about 30 years but better late than never right?  I believe that I am here to help people achieve their goals and dreams and to be the healthiest and happiest people that they can be.  I’m here to help you discover your truth.  My path to this somewhat recent revelation was not easy and I struggle daily with how I am going to develop this passion into a full time endeavor while working 50+ hours a week as an accountant, but I have faith that it will all work out in the end.

My beloved five year-old pup Tucker has had a hereditary heart condition his entire life and a few days ago we learned that it is progressing towards congenital heart failure.  As a mother (furry babies count in my book) my thoughts immediately went to the worst case scenario and I felt my throat constrict and my heart tighten.  Then my heart slowly cracked, just a tiny bit.  I have been mending it ever since through yoga, taking a mental health day off of work and writing.

Tucker has brought so much joy and love into my world.  In fact, he has taught me the meaning of true, unconditional love and what it is like to take care of another living being.  We have been through so much together.  He went with me when I moved to California and was my steadfast companion for two years while I was lonely and sick and missing my family.  He is there for me every day when I get home after working 10 hours and somedays even longer than that.  He is always willing to give kisses and love no matter how long I leave him alone.

2015-05-08 21.48.33

While the outcome of his genetic condition is known (heart failure), the timing of when this will occur is not.  So while I may have been dealt a blow in the cards of life, I need to have a little faith that it will all turn out okay.  Draw on what I have learned through discovering my passion and place in this world.  Tucker is part of my path in life and always will be, no matter how long he may live (and may he live many, many more years).  Be thankful for all of the days and walks we have shared and not take advantage of any further second I have with him.  Shower him with all the love my heart can give.

I also need to honor the sadness that I feel.  Too often we push aside uncomfortable emotions because they are too difficult to deal with or bring up stuff from our past we would rather keep there.  But these moments of difficulty and heartache are where we learn the most about ourselves.  The highs in life wouldn’t mean much without the lows.

So today I am sad and that’s okay.  But tomorrow I will be stronger and better for it.  I will live my life with even more meaning because there is something additional to live for.  To love for.  It will all be okay, I believe that.  Trust the process, trust the path of life.  Live my truth and love my pup.

I read recently that spirituality is “the deeply held belief that we are inextricably connected to one another by a force greater than ourselves – a force grounded in love and compassion” (from Daring Greatly by Brene Brown).  In my eyes, this could not be more true.  Letting that force guide our lives in the direction they are meant to go is faith.  And at the end of the day, love conquers all.

If something has tested your faith recently take a moment to think about it.  Really process it.  Though it may be tough, try to see the positive in this event or circumstance.  How will this make you a better person?  How can you learn from it and move on and become stronger?   How can you let in and give love, in spite of how you feel? Maybe this will help lead you to your truth.  You never know.  Just have a little faith.

Peace, love and faith,

The Yogi~Foodie

2 thoughts on “Having a Little Faith

  1. Beautiful post!! My mom’s dog was diagnosed with heart problems and they said she’d pass early, but she lived despite what they said! I also feel called to help and encourage people with their dreams!!


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