Let It Be

Let it Be

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with everything you have going on in your life?  Stressed by the thoughts of the future?

I’m right there with ya.

This past week was a weird one for me.  I had an overwhelming sense of unease, restlessness, anxiety.  It was hard to pinpoint exactly what it was, but it definitely was not me.  As I searched for the source of these feelings, I came across fear.  Fear of the uncertainty of the future, fear that I will never be able to pursue my passion, fear that I will be stuck in my current situation, fear that I won’t have the resources to go it on my own.  These particular fears were related to career, which is a big uncertainty for me at the moment.

All of these fears, the uncertainty and the worry associated with it, have made me really tired.  Thinking like that all of the time is exhausting.  Last week I needed a hefty combination of coffee and green and black tea to get me through the workday.  And it wasn’t that I just needed to eat better or sleep more, which are two things that are much easier for me to deal with.  I had to face my fears and do something about them.

The funny thing is, when I actually let myself embrace my fears, instead of feeling like I needed to do something, I realized that I actually needed to just stop doing.  I needed to quit fighting my current situation.  Stop pushing against my current reality and just let it be.  Like The Beatles sang, “yeah, there will be an answer, just let it be…”.  Only when you let things go can you sometimes find the answer you’ve been searching for all along.

I have a recipe, a formula if you will, for my definition of happiness.  It is what makes me tick, what makes me my best self from the inside out.  It includes spending time with those I hold dear, cooking and eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, writing, drinking good wine (or a favorite cocktail), doing yoga or a kick-butt workout, reading, and spending time in nature.  This formula is so important for me that if I lose track of it, which is what happened this past week, I get a little lost and stop feeling like myself.

So I have decided to recommit to my recipe.  Focus on the things that make me happy instead of pushing myself into some dream that I want to make a reality.  Take it one day at a time instead of looking too far ahead into the future.  Do one task at a time instead of juggling a million different tasks.  Only include the most important items on my To Do list instead of adding a ton of items that won’t get checked off anytime soon.

Who knows what the future has in store?  To me, it’s not worth the effort and heartache that comes with trying to figure it out.  Enjoy the present; it is a gift meant to be lived to the fullest.  The Universe gives us what we can handle at a particular moment and I must accept that.  I must give up the control and believe that I will figure it all out when I’m meant to.  Give the future-planning and worrying a rest.  Let it go and just let it be.

It all comes down to this – the future will happen as it may.  Things will manifest in my life as I am ready for them and not one second sooner.  I have so much to be thankful for every day in my life.  All I can control is today and what I choose to do with those hours that are given to me.  Do what feels right and nourishes my soul.  Stick to my formula and know from the bottom of my heart that it will all be okay.

Peace, love and soul filling happiness,

The Yogi~Foodie

2 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. I LOVE this! I think having a list of the happiness necessities would be a great thing. I’ll share this on my FB tomorrow if you don’t mind?

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