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As all of you lovely people know from my previous post, I have taken a little self-imposed sabbatical from my beloved blog recently.  My time off has done wonders for me and my personal/mental health and has also had a positive impact on the important relationships in my life.  While I am still working through the same issues I was dealing with before, I have learned a few things and have a different perspective that I am currently working on cultivating.  As writing and sharing with my readers is one of the ways I bring about positive change in my own life, returning to write about my journey with you was a must.

So what have I learned over the past few weeks?  Here are a few tidbits of Yogi~Foodie wisdom that may be helpful with what you’ve got going on in your own life…

Be okay with the present, even if it’s not where you ultimately want to be. Life’s a journey and each aspect of that journey is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest.  Don’t let your mind wander too much to thoughts of the future and kick the “if/then” statements to the curb!  For so long I thought “if I do x, y and z then I will be happy in my career.”  That didn’t get me anywhere and fostered some serious negativity.  I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with my health coaching certification and my passion for nutrition and helping others heal in a way that is best for them, but I am working on being okay with that and seeing where my journey takes me.

We’ve all got something going on, what matters is the attitude we bring to it.  It is so much easier to deal with a situation or a challenge when we look at it through a positive lens.  Challenges are an inevitable part of life and usually take us to new and better places and bring a fresh perspective.  Instead of thinking “Man, I’ve got to deal with this sh**?” how about you say “Yeah, this isn’t exactly what I want to do right now but maybe I will learn something new or it will take me somewhere I can’t even imagine right now.”  Shift your perspective to one that is positive and light instead of dark and heavy.  When I started doing this I noticed that I wasn’t so tired all of the time anymore.

Don’t let your current circumstances influence how you live your life.  Rise above; don’t let it define you.  Nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.  If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for support.  And support yourself.  Find time to fit in things that make you happy and give you a boost.  For me, some of these things include yoga, cooking healthy food, exercise, getting enough sleep and spending quality time with my loved ones.  If I make time for these things, what I currently have going on doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Embrace the fear.  I’ve been reading a book recently written by a well known yoga instructor who is a big inspiration of mine.  She writes that “if doing something new doesn’t scare you at least a little, it’s not worth doing.”  I am trying to live by these wise words with the big decisions that are going to come up for me as I figure out my next steps.  But I also think it’s important to not let the fear consume you.  Always embrace fear, but from a place of love.

Happy fall folks.  It’s good to be back.  🙂

The Yogi~Foodie

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