A Day of Thanks

2015-10-19 10.50.39

Today is a day for fun, relaxation and laughter,

For family and friends who gather from near and far,

For delicious food made with love,

For pumpkin pie, turkey and stuffing,

For a day off of work (and maybe Friday too!).

Today is a day that we give thanks,

To those who keep our nation safe every day,

To the loved ones who are there for us,

To the friends who make us smile and laugh,

To the God/Universe/Higher Being who has our best interest at heart.

Today kicks off the holiday season,

One filled with laughter and cheer,

One signified by giving and sharing with others,

One decorated with twinkling lights and mistletoe,

One that ends with the beginning of a new year with new opportunities.

Today is Thanksgiving,

A day for gratitude,

A day for love,

A day for relaxation,

A day for fun.

So make the most of this day,

Give thanks to those special ones in your life,

Tell those you love how you feel,

Smile, laugh and give extra special hugs,

And eat to your hearts content.  🙂


Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys.  I am very grateful for you.

The Yogi~Foodie

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