Wholesome Balanced Wellness


Dear Followers,

I am so thankful for you.  Whether you have been a follower of this blog since my first post back in the summer of 2014 or just joined recently, your support has been so important.  It has kept me going through the tough times and inspired me to continue to write from the heart.  I truly hope that my words have helped to improve your life in some way, or at least taught you something new.

Over the past few years I have thought a lot about the message I want to put out in the world.  What I feel like we need to make our lives better and more enjoyable; healthier and happier.  This blog has been a voice for these thoughts and a way for me to play around with my message.  Thank you for reading, listening and encouraging.

At its core, my message focuses on nutrition of the mind, body and soul.  How what we eat has a direct impact on not only our physical health, but our mental and emotional health.  It focuses on whole, real food originating in the earth and finding an ideal way of eating that is right for you.  It also stresses the importance that other aspects of our lives have on our health, such as our relationships, fitness level, quality of sleep, stress level and interaction with nature. 

There are so many fad diets out there, originating from someone else’s success story.  But I want to help others find their own success story.  Become their happiest, healthiest selves and find that inner balance and peace that I like to call Wholesome Balanced Wellness. 

So what is my framework for Wholesome Balanced Wellness?  It all starts with a belief that you will succeed and a strong intention to bring positive change.  Then comes learning about nutrition, fitness, rest and stress.  Next is evaluation of all aspects of your life, from what you eat to how you sleep.  After a thorough evaluation we can experiment with some positive changes.  Through experimentation we can discover what works best for you.  After discovery comes balance, which is putting it all into a sustainable, lifelong practice.

From the beginning it has been important for me to share my story and my journey.  I have shared how my own struggles with health originally got me on this path.  I have shared how I experienced first-hand the power of using food as medicine to heal.  I have shared my struggles with self-love and depression.  I have shared my highs and my lows.  Being as authentic as I can be has been hard but also healing.

I would love for you to continue on this journey with me as I take my business to the next level.  I have a new website, WholesomeBalancedWellness.com, that will soon be replacing this blog.  Please, please head on over to my new site and sign up for my weekly email list.  It is underneath my picture on the homepage in the box labeled “Follow Me!”.  It will be the same content you receive from me weekly now, just sent in a new, more sophisticated way. And don’t worry, if you get sick of me you can opt out at any time.  🙂

I am a yogi and a foodie at heart and have always dreamed big girl dreams.  Now is the time to pursue those dreams and see where this adventure takes me.  I hope to see you along the ride with me.

~Peace, love and dreams~

Picture courtesy of my awesome and amazingly talented sister

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