The idea behind the blog

As I discussed in my first post (read it here!), I discovered my passion for health and wellness after getting diagnosed with a few health issues of my own.  I would never have thought this at the time, but I am grateful for what I went through because now I know what I want to share with the world.

It took this experience and what I learned afterwards to really grasp the concept that we truly are what we eat.  This includes that organic apple you got at your local farmer’s market, the beef you got from cattle raised in a feedlot, and the cookies in your cart that barely contain any natural ingredients.  Food is one of the main ways your body reacts with the environment around you and everything you consume goes into the cells in your body that help to sustain your life.  When you focus on eating a well-balanced diet that consists of whole foods, you will feel better.  It’s as simple as that.

In addition to the foods you eat, your overall environment also has a huge impact on your health.  This encompasses your relationships, stress levels, career, how you exercise and how much sleep you get each night.  Finding the healthy balance between all of these things will greatly improve your quality of life.  But getting to this place is the hard (and probably overwhelming!) part, which is where I come in!

I have created this blog to help you on your journey to finding your optimum level of health.  When it comes to finding this balance, no two people are the same.  My aim is to help you to learn a little bit more about nutrition, health and overall wellness so that you can navigate the complex maze that is life and come out happy and healthy on the other side.  It is possible to achieve!  I am right there with ya’ on your journey, so let the fun begin.  Happy fruit and veggie eating!


Anna (the Yogi~Foodie)

Wholesome Balanced Wellness

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